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Company name Kosakai Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.
Establishment June, 1918
Month of Registration October, 1947
Capital 40,000,000 JPY
Yearly sales 10,447,530,000 JPY (as of end of March,2019)
Fiscal term End of March (once a year)
Number of employees 47 (as of end of March, 2019)
  • CEO
    Yuichiro Kosakai
  • Director (Head of corporate planning office)
    Masatoshi Nakamura (part-time)
  • Director (Head of office of the president, publicist)
    Hitomi Kosakai
  • Director (Manager of the sales department)
    Chihiro Aoki
  • Director
    Hirohito Kosakai
  • Corporate auditor
    Kazuo Ujiie (part-time)
  • Executive officer (vice-chief of the sales department)
    Akihito Takahashi
  • Yuichiro Kosakai
  • Masatoshi Nakamura (part-time)
  • Hitomi Kosakai
  • Chihiro Aoki
  • Hirohito Kosakai
  • Kazuo Ujiie (part-time)
  • Akihito Takahashi
Business description
  1. Sales of foods, food additives and alcohol
  2. Manufacture and sales of pharmaceuticals, quasi drugs, chemical industrial chemicals, reagents, and fragrances
  3. Sales of physical equipment and hygiene supplies
  4. Undertake construction of water supply and wastewater treatment facility
  5. Sales of synthetic resin product
  6. Sales of food packing machinery
  7. Sales of food processing machinery
  8. Leasing of real estate
  9. All other business incidental to the above items

Head office
KCI building, 11-7 Nihonbashitomizawacho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Japan 1038313
TEL +81-3-3662-4701 FAX +81-3-3662-9657

Osaka office
Nishimotocho-chuo building 9F, 1-13-13 Awaza, Nishi-ku, Osaka, Japan 5500011
TEL +81-6-6543-4701 FAX +81-6-6531-0699

Shizuoka office
Azuma building 6F, 2-3 Izumicho, Suruga-ku, Shizuoka, Japan 4228066
TEL +81-54-686-4701 FAX +81-54-202-8071