As the best partner of customers,
our solutions quickly solve food manufacturing
related challenges.

  • Reliance

    • Reliance and results
      that has been won for 100 years
    • Providing our service honestly
      while complying laws and regulations,
      supporting customer's business with fair price
  • Achievement

    • Providing various products
      with quick and flexible solutions
    • Serving accurate and innovative information
      and products
    • Establishing best workflow with our suppliers
  • High quality

    • Providing services
      with many food-related qualified staffs
    • Proposing solutions
      that meet the needs of the time
      with experienced, successful staffs
    • Serving with plenty knowledge
      as the food specialized trading company

Our products

Our main businesses are following

〈Featured products〉
  1. Peracetic acid(PAA)
  2. Products for preventative measures against COVID
  3. SDGs conscious products
〈Our products by categories〉
  1. Food additives
  2. Seasonings
  3. Sweetener
  4. Spice
  5. Starch
  6. Protein
  7. Liquor
  8. Batter / Powder
  9. Vegetable processed product
  10. Health food material
  11. Alcohol
  12. Total sanitation
  13. Physics and chemistry supply
  14. Oil
  15. Packaging material
  16. Other

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