Yuichiro Kosakai

Kosakai started its business in 1918 and registered as Kosakai Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. in 1947.

At the beginning, we started our business as the medical products wholesaler, however, with the development of the food industry after the world war II, we changed to our business that mainly deals food additives. Currently, our services are focusing on food industry related products, accordingly we are dealing with a wide range of customers in the food manufacturing industry.

We also have focused on sales activities where we meet and exchange information directly with customers who are engaged in food manufacturing. To establish relationship between our customers, we believe that developing high-quality employees with plenty knowledge and experiences is an important mission for us.

The current food industry has changed so rapidly, and general consumers' eyes have become stricter. In such circumstances, we will continue to make efforts to provide accurate and innovative information and products related to the food materials and food additives focusing on compliance as well as safety and security of the products.

CEO Yuichiro Kosakai